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ADCA Registered Dexter Cattle

We had been purchasing local grass fed beef from neighbors for several years and decided we would like to raise our own. We also wanted to have a family milk cow so we researched various breeds and decided Dexter cattle would be a perfect match for our needs.

Dexters are a dual purpose breed meaning that they are bred both for meat and milk production. They are also smaller than most cattle so they do not require as much feed and have a much lighter impact on pastures than the heavier breeds. We have been very pleased with our selection and enjoy the rich milk provided by Dixie. We've been amazed how much milk can come out of such a small cow. More than enough for our large family!

2017 Sales List

Bull Calf For Sale

Yearling red, naturally polled, bull calf available now. Tested for parentage, color (Red), and milk (A2N). This guy will make an excellent addition to a Dexter herd or will help produce a smaller calf in other breeds. His sire is from Cascade Meadows lineage.

Bull Calf: Weaned and Ready Now

ADCA Reg. Name: To be determined

Sire: Woodland's Alder, ADCA Reg No: 036281

Dam: Khaki Farmer Dixie


Expecting 3 calves this year. All will be for sale.


Circle H's Jordan
ADCA Reg. No: 10668

Jordan was our first bull and is now working on a farm in Eastern Washington.

Toro was the next bull on our farm. We've had him about 5 years and unfortunately it came time to change him out. He was very mild mannered and an easy keeper.

Back-Acres Toro, ADCA Reg. No: 020778


Our current bull is a nice polled red bull from Cascade Meadows. We are excited to introduce some red into our herd.

Woodland's Alder, ADCA Reg No: 036281


Khaki Farmer Dixie

Here she is being an excellent mother to one of her calves we taught to lead on the halter in order to get a treat from mom.

Heifer Calves

All Sold - Check back in 2016

Heifer born: January 28, 2014 Reserved - Sold

ADCA Reg. Name: To be determined

Sire: Back-Acres Toro

Dam: Flambard's Field Blackberry

Excellent potential as family cow and/or milker.

From Naturally Polled Parents

Ready for new home May 2013


Previous Heifer Calves


Heifer born: December 18, 2011 SOLD

ADCA Reg. Name: Farnell's Black Beauty #027425

Sire: Back-Acres Toro

Dam: Flambard's Field Blackberry

Excellent potential as family cow and/or milker.

No horns - Naturally Polled

Bangs Vacinated

Ready for new home April 2012


Heifer born: March 29, 2012 SOLD

Sire: Back Acres Toro

Dam: Khaki Farmer Dixie

Another excellent potential as a family cow and/or milker.

Will be raised around and used to people.

Ready for new home August 2012.


We usually sell our heifer calves each year. We will also sell a bull if we have a deposit down within the first week of birth. Normally, we band the bulls and raise them for meat. Please contact us regarding reserving one of our calves. They are all family raised with lots of contact and can be custom raised to meet your needs.

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Blackberry with her heifer calf.


Calf Farnell's Big Bertha with mother Khaki Farmer Dixie